Due to the ongoing pandemic, all our programs including Bala Vihar®, Pujas and Yajnas will be virtual (online)

Satyanarayana Puja - Mar 28th, 2021 @ 9:30AM (Sponsor) (Zoom Link)

Bhakti Yoga - Gnana Yajna - January 11th to 15th 2021 - Hardcopy and e-book information available - Click Here

Happy Spring Break !! No classes on Apr-4. We will resume Bala Vihar® on Apr-11.

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May 2nd 2021

Kailas Bhoomi Pooja

7am (Kailas)

Sri Ram Parivar  Murthy Stapan

4pm (Sanjeevani)

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To Give Maximum Happiness To Maximum People for Maximum Time

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Bala Vihar®

Sunday Classes and Satsangs for children and adults.

Yogasana, SAT, Language, Meditation, K thru 12 children classes, adult Satsangs

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Vedantic Book Club & Gita Review

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

8pm EST

Visual Vedanta

Connecting Data & Divinity, Analytics & Atman, Visualizations & Vedanta

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Geeta Doota Yajna

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Comfort - comes as guest, lingers to become host and stays to enslave us.

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 - Swami Chinmayananda

Bala Vihar® for Children To help children learn values with fun, to delight like the moon and shine like the sun.